The City of Espoo introduces Lingsoft’s speech recognition solution

Lingsoft Language Services Oy has been chosen to deliver a speech recognition solution for the professionals of the Social and Health Services of the City of Espoo. The contract is valid indefinitely and the estimated value of the purchase is 540 000 euros for four years. The aim of the acquisition is to reduce the need for word processing and to make the creation of patient records more efficient by using speech recognition.

Medical transcription is an integral part of the treatment process, and the information must be accurate and readily available. The entries are usually made by dictation. Transcriptionists listen to the dictations and type them up in the patient record system. The process is slow and, often, it is necessary to wait for the completion of the texts at various stages of the treatment. Lingsoft’s speech recognition solution enables practitioners to see the patient records they have dictated in near to real time. With high-quality and intelligent speech recognition, medical transcription is greatly accelerated, which has a positive impact on the entire treatment process.

Lingsoft’s speech recognition solution builds on the best Finnish academic research and Lingsoft’s own product development. Lingsoft’s solution works as a secure cloud service. Lingsoft has tailored the machine learning–based speech recognition solution to understand Finnish language, as well as professional health care terminology. For instance, Lingsoft’s speech recognition solution is used in SYNLAB’s pathology sample dictations.

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