Now there are countless words. We help our clients understand, produce, find, create, use and edit linguistic information in a digital and multilingual world filled with words.

Lingsoft is a full-service language management company and one of the leading providers of language services and solutions in Finland and the Nordic countries. We provide a wide range of services and solutions for the analysis, processing, production and management of spoken and written language.

We want to understand our client's business and come up with a solution or service package that meets their exact needs and generates value for them. We never settle for conventional solutions, and we dare to think outside the box. No matter the need − a custom-tailored translation service, automated multilingual content production process, application localisation, video clip subtitling, interview or dictation transcription, text and AV material analysis, data anonymisation, customer service automation, voice-controlled user interface, text indexing, brand language management − we've got you covered. Everything we do is based on language: text, speech and meaning. 

Our solutions are based on our proprietary, world-renowned phrase and word analysis technologies as well as on established industry standards. We also use, develop and test technologies in our own language services, where technology is combined with flexible and agile customer service. This is how we help our clients manage their organisation's language and receive a return on their language capital.