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Efficient information management is a major challenge for research and innovation teams, causing a growing demand to understand and integrate information from diverse sources and/or from across different disciplines. To gain competitive leadership in your strongly regulated, innovation-driven industry, your organization has to effectively make sense of all the internal and external information flows, such as scientific literature, patents and user-generated content.

Luxid® for Scientific Discovery brings long-awaited answers to the challenges of information discovery and knowledge extraction from unstructured data. Designed to meet the specific content management requirements of innovation-driven companies, Luxid® for Scientific Discovery is a powerful and scalable solution that gives immediate access to non obvious information and delivering industry specific knowledge.

Key Applications

Based on the award-winning, patent protected TEMIS technology and from close collaboration with leading corporations, Luxid® for Scientific Discovery addresses the following needs:

  • Improve Research Effectiveness
    to accelerate discovery and fuel product innovation with powerful analysis and innovative navigation tools relying on accurate extraction of domain-specific knowledge.

  • Manage Company Intellectual Property Assets
    to minimize infringement risks, cut down on legal costs, optimize product portfolio through acquisitions or partnerships and gain a competitive edge with automated patent analysis and monitoring.

Successful Deployments

Bayer Schering Pharma
Boehringer Ingelheim
French Intellectual Property Organization
Life Biosystems
Merck KGaA
Philip Morris International
Roche Diagnostics
Solvay Pharmaceuticals
Introduction Improve Research Effectiveness Manage Company Intellectual Property Assets

Read more about Luxid® for Scientific Discovery on TEMIS' web site, or contact Lingsoft Sales.

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