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Did you know that localising your product may, on average, increase sales in the target market up to 25 per cent? Is the terminology used in your company coherent? How do you streamline the corporate communication and other processes to optimise their performance? Who benefits from text mining? How come voice applications save money and create new business opportunities?

Language is the Key

Language Management is indicative of all Lingsoft operation. In line with the term Design Management, which covers all that is good in matters of design, Lingsoft coined the term Language Management to describe its business. It refers to the visible image of the company. Yet, the way the company makes itself present through language is equally important.

Language Management sums up the company's overall approach for optimising efficiency in its processes and operations through careful management of linguistic elements and by means of modern linguistic tools. Language Management is the key to success in today's multilingual world bent on globalisation and drawing on communication through language. The chosen linguistic strategy becomes part of the corporate branding strategy, thus covering the company identity and its overall strategic approach.

With us, the process of creating the corporate Language Management strategy sets out by determining the relevant requirements. Normally, this is a matter of a couple of days. We identify the relevant processes allowing the company to enjoy maximum benefits and savings by engaging the required linguistic tools. We make suggestions for suitable tools and devise a customer-specific Language Management plan.

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